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Divorce Law

During divorce, the law firm you choose can have a significant impact on the efficiency of the process, the details of the divorce....

bankruptcy law

Family Law

With emotions running high, family law matters can quickly become contested, leading to costly and time-consuming...

family law


Filing for bankruptcy is the legal method of eliminating debt to obtain a fresh financial start. During a typical bankruptcy filing...



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Honest and straight forward. I paid at least half of the cost that any other place would charge. They treat you with respect. -Christopher Latta [Facebook]
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Dealing with student loan mess. Had a great experience. Mike was extremely helpful and friendly. Samantha Huston [Google]
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They are so helpful in every aspect of your case. I have used them on more then one occasion and they went above and beyond for me. -Justin Hough [Facebook]
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Had the wonderful opportunity to work with them, they truly care about their clients … Mike and Aaron were truly down to earth… –Andre Easter [Google]
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