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Divorce Law

During divorce, the law firm you choose can have a significant impact on the efficiency of the process, the details of the divorce....

Divorce Law
bankruptcy law

Family Law

With emotions running high, family law matters can quickly become contested, leading to costly and time-consuming...

Family Law
family law


Filing for bankruptcy is the legal method of eliminating debt to obtain a fresh financial start. During a typical bankruptcy filing...



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woman looking at bankruptcy papers

A Comprehensive Guide to Declaring Bankruptcy in Nebraska

If you are declaring bankruptcy in Nebraska, you need to read this guide first. Here, we outline key laws and…

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Monetary Due Diligence: The Disadvantages of Filing for Bankruptcy

Is filing for bankruptcy the best choice to resolve your debt issues? We explore some of its downsides in this…

Chapter 13 bankruptcy

What Happens After a Chapter 13 Discharge?

Knowing what happens after a chapter 13 discharge is equally as important as the process. Learn what to expect as…

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Can I Keep My Car if I File Bankruptcy?

Are you wondering what will happen to your car if you file bankruptcy? If this situation concerns you, here’s an…